Insights into the Fibre Glass Pool Manufacturers in Florida

fiberglass pools in florida

If you wonder why Florida has some of the top pool manufacturers, not just in the US but in the world too, the answer is simple. For a start, pools are immensely popular among the residents of this state. Manufacturers have taken the cue and over the years, an ever-increasing number of them have invested heavily in more and more in the pool-manufacturing industry. But why re swimming pools so popular in this part of the world?

This brings us to the next reason why pool manufacturers are so attracted to Florida; this has to do with the climate.

In Florida, summer is almost endless; in much of this state, the climate is sub-tropical meaning this part of the US enjoys relatively warmer conditions compared to many other parts of the country.

For this reason, many people cherish having their own in-ground Florida pools; they find this to be one of the best ways to relax with friends and family. This need for private swimming pools has in turn driven up the demand for swimming pools. Of course, this ready market has attracted competing swimming pool manufacturers.

swimming pool in floridaWhat is a fiberglass pool?

This is a one-piece composite based unit that is fabricated at the manufacturer’s controlled environment; essentially this pool produced (usually in bulk) according to the manufacturer’s pre-cast mold. A fiberglass’ 3 to 4 composite layers include woven fiberglass cloth, polyester resin, gel-coat and vinyl ester among other ingredients. This kind of pool delivered to the buyer in ready-to-be-installed condition.

Pros and cons of a fiberglass pool


· Installing this pool is faster than with other types of swimming pools.

• They are available in many designs and styles which offer buyers a wider range of selection to suit their tastes and preferences.

• Reduced maintenance -These pools are expertly finished with a smooth gel coat that offers greater resistance to algae growth; this means fewer repairs and faster cleaning times.


• Risk of poor installation -This pool is delivered as a pre-manufactured shell so the contractor has to be extra keen to backfill the space around the swimming pool. If this is not done properly it might lead to improper water circulation or walls collapsing if the contractor doesn’t understand the conditions of the soil around.

• Depending on how you look at it, the design and color of the pool can be a big drawback. Since this is a factory-made product, you might not get the exact specifications you had in minds.

florida swimming poolsHow to clean a fiberglass pool

This pool is rather easy to clean as long as you maintain a pH balance lower than 7.2 which keeps water from staining. In case stains develop, you remove them from the waterline using a non-abrasive household tile cleaner.

Use a sponge or soft cloth to apply the cleaner. For brown rings caused by iron, scrub the affected area with a chlorine tablet but don’t run too hard; doing so can damage the pool’s surface. For turquoise-colored stains, scrub the pool with a tile cleaner or invest in a good pool cleaner like these.

What are Florida fiberglass pool manufacturers producing?

These companies are producing a wide range of fiberglass pool products including:

• Fibreglass pools and spas

• Fibreglass pool accessories such as Pool Pumps, Pool Heat pumps, Pool Led Lights, Pool Salt Systems and Pool filters among others.

However, bear in mind that these companies differ from one another in the nature of additional products and services they offer as well as in the terms of service. While Dream Pools, for instance, offers research services, it does not specialize in fiberglass pool accessories for Florida pools like Premium. It is therefore important to do some background research to identify a manufacturer that offers the Florida pool product, accessory or service that you need.

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