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The Strength of Florida’s Manufacturing Industry


Florida is a US state that is famous for a range of things, but for a majority of individuals, the same does not apply to the manufacturing industry. Instead, for most, things like a beautiful natural landscape or a strong tourism and hospitality industry first come to mind. However, the truth is far different – Florida has a very vibrant and growing manufacturing sector that is producing a series of goods used in the rest of the US. florida pharmaceuticals

One of the key reasons for this is the state’s ability to adapt itself and recruit from a very diverse workforce that covers a wide range of skills and abilities. Additionally, the state harbors a strong pro-business policy and a great trade infrastructure, which ranks it among the top 10 states when it comes to manufacturing. Thanks to this beneficial atmosphere, Florida supplies a range of products from the domains like aerospace, batteries, communication equipment, boats, pharmaceuticals, fiberglass pools, foods and beverages and so much more.

Of course, it is the mentioned trade infrastructure that makes all the difference for Florida. It is a home for over 20 million residents and hosts over 100 million visitors each year. It geographical locations makes it a perfect entry hub for the Caribbean and the Latin America, so it provides a chance for many companies to access these markets.

floridaIn fact, with a yearly $839 billion in revenue, Florida would be the 18th largest global economy if it was a country on its own. To support all of this, the state boasts a super-strong infrastructure for trade and transport. It features 20 commercial airports, 15 deep-water seaports, over 3000 miles of freight rail tracks, and over 122,000 miles of excellent highways. It also has two fully-functional spaceports, all of which are spotting Florida the second best state when it comes to its infrastructure.

Of course, nothing of this would be relevant if the state did not have a great workforce. With over 330,000 Floridians working in the manufacturing industry and its training school, the state produces the highest quality talent ready to join the same workforce at any moment.

Additionally, the state is focused on constantly improving the same workforce with out-of-state talent that is recruited from the best and brightest mind the USA and the entire world can offer. All of this lead to the creation of the made in Florida brand which now includes famous companies like pet food Nature’s Kitchen, Tervis drinkware, Black Diamond music instruments, Bullet Blues jeans and so much more.

Because of them, made in Florida is something that will only become more and more famous in the future.

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